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HBO's Succession: A Masterclass in Project Management

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HBO's Succession isn't just a show about a dysfunctional family fighting for control of a media empire, it's also a crash course in project management. The show provides a wealth of insights into how to manage complex projects, navigate difficult stakeholders, and lead high-performing teams.

Here are some of the project management lessons we can learn from Succession:

Clearly Define Project Goals

The Roys' ultimate goal is to maintain control of their media empire, but there are many sub-goals and objectives that need to be defined and communicated clearly. Succession shows us the importance of having a clear project charter and objectives, and ensuring that everyone on the team understands them.

project scope

Build Strong Stakeholder Relationships

The Roys are constantly dealing with stakeholders who have competing interests, from shareholders to politicians to family members. Succession shows us the importance of building strong stakeholder relationships, managing expectations, and balancing competing demands.

Manage Risk

The media landscape is constantly changing, and the Roys must navigate a host of risks and uncertainties. Succession teaches us the importance of identifying and managing risks, having a contingency plan, and being flexible in the face of unexpected challenges.

Build a High-Performing Team

The Roys rely on a team of lawyers, PR experts, and advisors to help them achieve their goals. Succession shows us the importance of building a high-performing team, setting clear expectations, and providing the resources and support needed for success.

Monitor Progress

The Roys are constantly monitoring the progress of their various projects, from media deals to family dynamics. Succession teaches us the importance of monitoring progress, tracking metrics, and making adjustments as needed to stay on track.

project scope document

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