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😬 Yup or Yikes? Project bottlenecks from approvals, project checks and milestone reviews

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Project workflows can make or break a project. For instance, at which point do teams seek task approvals? At budget checks or after each task? How detailed should milestones be?

In an agile workflow, sprint reviews, usually after 2 or 3 weeks, enables teams to review the status of a project/product, gather feedback, then build for the next sprint review and repeat until the project is completed ♻️.

In waterfall, an approval might be required at the end of each task or milestone before moving on to the next task.

If a project has too many reviews or checks, it could create bottlenecks in the project lifecycle thereby running the risk of delays and project changes.

What is a bottleneck? A bottleneck is a phase within a project's lifecycle that stalls the project. This could be due to a lack of resources or an inefficient project workflow.

One way our team has resolved bottlenecks in our project workflow is by using Pathscape's project approvals, milestones and kanban boards.

If a project has too many reviews or checks, it could create bottlenecks in the project lifecycle thereby running the risk of delays and project changes.

Project Approvals

Project approvals are an important step in a project. It allows the project sponsor, PM, team members and stakeholders finalize project requirements before starting a project.

Pathscape's project approvals allows a PM or Project Sponsor to review and approve an entire project, its tasks, budgets, and collaborators in minutes before a project kickoff.

Milestones 📆

Milestones are a great way to group and review a bunch of related tasks. Milestones can be termed as phases or control stations, as it allows a PM, team and stakeholders to ensure a project is moving in the right direction. Remove the bottleneck of reviewing each task before moving on to the next with's Milestone feature:

Kanban Board 📌

A project workflow has a bottleneck instead of a smooth flow when it is unpredictable and operates in bursts. Kanban Boards is a great way to quickly visualize tasks and see where work items pile up. Drag and drop tasks to next steps using's kanban boards and custom status.

Bottlenecks cause delays and limits resources. They also increase costs and make forecasting difficult. It is important for PMs to evaluate workflows and team performance to ensure a smooth workflow.

Are you ready to optimize your operations and improve efficiency to avoid bottlenecks in your projects?

Join the waitlist today to get your work under control using Pathscape's approvals, milestones and kanban boards 🎉

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